May 2011

Let’s Be Specific.. Ep. 1 – “A Man’s First Duty Is To Pod”

May 31, 2011

James Adomian may not be a comedy name you’re aware of and to that I’d just say… exactly! And you’re welcome. James shares a bunch of specific stuff he digs (see links below) and we get into musical impressions, “finding your voice”, making your peace with being culturally incomplete and never trusting anyone with all [...]

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Bringing People To The Party.

May 20, 2011
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We’re starting our procession of personalities with the delightful and dynamic Mr. James Adomian. (see above pie chart. ) Then, I s’pose, working our way up the ladder to the ‘picture slice’ level people, like a Jimmy Pardo or a Paul F. Tompkins. Not necessarily the actual comedians mind you, I’d settle for cold-calling ‘a [...]

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