June 2011

Crazy Sexy Cool

June 29, 2011

‘A Ferrari with no brakes.’ That’s how this cat makes the case for his own and similar brands of crazy. They’re “like an engine that’s just a little out of control” but runs faster and revs higher for it. Alright forelocks, you got my attention. Now, let’s talk turkey. I’m eager to set a price [...]

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Max And Mary

June 28, 2011

A few years ago, someone sent me letters from a 9 year-old version of myself;  each one an increasingly earnest plea to be rescued from a grade school gulag where I was being taunted and teased and having my lunch box stolen, peed in and promptly returned to me. My only outlet was to put [...]

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A Little Little Richard

June 26, 2011

I’ve only stopped watchin’ this video of a Little Little Richard long enough to tell you to watch this video of a Little Little Richard. And to everyone who ever said the world wide web isn’t sometimes wondrous and worthwhile… ‘Shut Up.’

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Ode On An X-Acto Knife

June 25, 2011

Yellowbirds singer/songwriter/sociopathic shut-in Sam Cohen hand-cut, collected and clicked 3,000 still frames to arrive at this home-spun collage. They say he has no fingerprints, keeps a real-time journal of his internal monologue and sleeps just six minutes at a time. Believe what you will. Not every song should endeavor to change your life but, safe [...]

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TSOYA; A Whiteman’s… er, Whitman’s Sampler

June 23, 2011

Beyond its celebration of the cultural contribution of white people (“Amen, huh. It’s about f’n time”), Jesse Thorn’s long running public radio show The Sound of Young America is a sign post for unapologetic sincerity in an oft indifferent on-line world. Most endearing is how he doesn’t bother to put up his dukes in anticipation of a [...]

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Everything Is A Remix Afterall

June 22, 2011

Everything is a Remix Part 3 Keep coming round to this copy vs. creativity tug job. So, I’ll lean on the adorably astute Kirby Ferguson to sum up the panels at NXNE and, in minutes, render a week’s worth of well-intentioned wankery moot. (Catch the previous episodes of “Everything Is A Remix”. Well made distillations )

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Runnin’ With The Fuckwits

June 20, 2011

Whatever your doin’ with your day, this mash-up of Biggie & Tupac with the Xx will make it a bit better. Runnin’ With The Xx (QUIX vs. ELLIOT Blend) And to a select few record and TV execs on the intellectual property panels at North By Northeast trying to make this type of “cannibalistic music” [...]

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Am I Cool?

June 16, 2011

That’s the first e-mail response. From the launch of this here ”Let’s Be Specific..” site, and show of same name, that one line missive sums it up. The question isn’t “Am I cool?” but, I think more, do you think you’re cool? Like some cool expert? (It’s actually pronounced “cool-spert.” I’m a cool-spert, thank you.) The question [...]

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