October 2011

Lovable U

October 27, 2011

Sure, I want to urge anyone in earshot to watch Alan Zweig’s documentary on record collectors Vinyl but, it’s the lessons in love and life in the less seen Lovable that are most worthy of making noise about. The Toronto filmmaker calls Lovable the final film in a autobiographical/confessional trilogy (the other being ‘I, Curmudgeon’). Zweig again [...]

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I. Book. Guests.

October 17, 2011

Right on schedule with the autumnal equinox, we’ll be posting a podcast not lost to Mac Melt ’11 with bestselling author Andrew Pyper and the author of one of my favourite novels in recent memory, James Boice. (That book being MVP, a fictional dissection of the life and psychology of a sports icon.) I recently re-read it while jonesing for [...]

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Now Featuring New Newness

October 16, 2011

No Craig Mack sadly but, nevertheless here comes some brand new flava in yer ear. Peter and Kerry – Knees Alexander – Truth Tahiti 80 – Easy Say Hi – Dots On Maps Stereo MC’s – Boy Mike Doughty – Na Na Nothing James Vincent McMorrow – Higher Love (Steve Winwood Cover) Delicate Steve – [...]

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Oh.. Disinterested Cyber-Abyss. I’ve Missed You Too.

October 10, 2011

Rod Stewart – Young Turks by jpdc11 This because my actual hand-written To-Do list says; Post Joyful Tweet To Celebrate Havin Mac Back. Small print on next line reads; try not to post same in tweet.. unconcerned cyber-abyss won’t appreciate it.

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Stop-motion Sadness

October 4, 2011

The Neely Brothers just got their viral animation to series on Adult Swim. Revel in the symphony of sadness aka “China, IL”.

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