Everything Is A Remix, The Final Chapter

by Tynan on February 16, 2012

Everything is a Remix Part 4 from Kirby Ferguson is one of those serialized online educations that’s earned the affable and sorta adorable amateur documentarian a look-in on all his future doings.

It’s like some artist or musician turning out a good song or – more pertinently – a good cover of a track (for instance; Sexton Blake’s lo-fi gender switch version of Bette Davis Eyes… caution: creepy fan made companion video awaits on other side of link), they’ve earned my interest in future endeavours and the benefit of the doubt in perpetuity.

The above embed is the last chapter in his Everything is a Remix project and I strongly urge everyone to go back and check all the chapters out.

Then, see if you feel like kicking in a few bucks to help kickstart This is Not a Conspiracy Theory, the next open source, open concept, online doc by Kirby.

At very least, give his stuff a watch, maybe forward the chapter on The Matrix or KILL BILL to a friend and spend a few minutes remembering stuff that reminds you of other stuff that came before the first stuff. People love that shit… just ask Dane Cook. (That was a pointless shameful slam of a super easy target… nailed it.)

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