Damnit, I Just Complained About Not Enough This And Then, There’s This!

by Tynan on April 13, 2012

I was just bemoaning a lack of music I was digging but that’s mostly cause I couldn’t be assed to dig it out.
(If they’d called themselves Niki & The Dove and they hadn’t delivered 80′s synthadelica – it’s a thing – they would’ve found themselves on the business end of a seriously frowny emoticon in their comment thread, and I don’t think anyone wants that.)

I strangely dig this little ditty. (Can you gave a nearly 9 minute ditty?)

Speaking of digging things (and asses)… I don’t care how homophobic you are, this is as audio/visually transfixing as a kitty licking another kitty on the face.

Also dug up some Bobby Womack. (No need to be dickish, no one’s joking about his impending death. It takes ages to die of throat, lung and/or mouth cancer and I for one hope it takes… forget it.)

Like a good posse-up action movie, I’ve always dug rotating rhymes from roster of rappers.

Oh shit and this..

I’ll put up more music soon, and another commissioned and rejected for profanity and “graphic imagery” (?!) basketball article. Still got my fastball when it comes to prolapsed anus and vagina analogies. ;) Avert your eyes children!

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IgbyGoesD April 13, 2012 at 8:51 pm

Why don’t you just write a music blog?


Tynan April 13, 2012 at 11:34 pm

Thanks, I think.. but, I’m pretty sure the obligation to dig out music would sour the genuine bits of joy. Honestly, there’s too many time where I get bored with the sameness in pop music as is. I could just devote whole days to checking out music videos, though. Music videos are where frustrated filmmakers have their day, and I could devote a day to that.


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