Just Be Cause

by Tynan on June 18, 2012

More power to mate Joel Richardson for being the only dude in this doc to not hide behind a Banksy-esque ski or skull mask. And, I truly have nothing but respect and love for Joel’s cause – enough to check my pockets for a few sheckles – but, it seems I’m constantly getting inundated with crowd-funding requests.

So, I’m left with a genuine quandary as to who I give my coin to and I figured I’d put it out to you; crowd-sourcing the crowded crowd-funding landscape if you like.

I loved and in turn spread love about Kirby Ferguson’s last free documentary project; Everything is a Remix (It might be the most engaging doc on intellectual property/creativity I know of. And, that’s smack in my wheelhouse.) Then, there’s his new pre-election political doc for which he’s asking for cash..  This is Not a Conspiracy Theory — Kickstarter

I loved and likewise evangelized for Jay Cheel’s Beauty Day, about Southern Ontario TV hijinx pioneer ‘Cap’n Video’. So, why wouldn’t I get excited about the prospect of his next film, How to Build a Time Machine?

And then, just earlier today I got a head’s up that Seth Godin (author of awesomely motivational books “Tribes” and “Linchpin”, etc.) had hit his funding target for his new book “The Icarus Project” on Kickstarter in Under 3 Hours. Not even enough time for me to reach into my pockets and wrestle with my decision.

What to do? Where to give? I put it to you – the crowd – see if it speaks to you personally. Beyond that, just give what you can and share where you can. Cause… while you dither or dick around, the clock’s ticking on the cause you might deign to champion.

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