A Master Class In Crazy

by Tynan on August 8, 2012

If  you can’t wait the few months for the Paul Thomas Anderson film, “The Master” then you must be a human with eyes and ears and common curiosity.

But in the interim, read this piece from the Village Voice;  Scientology Insider Gives First Full-Length Interview.

Interviewee John Brousseau was a 32-year member of the church of Scientology and – I love this bit – “the last person to escape from the International Base willing to talk publicly about it.” (Are you picturing some bizarro version of the movie The Firm wherein it’s Tom Cruise and a host of young scientology celebs pursuing and threatening you in dimly lit hallways and non-descript but inescapably labyrinth-like buildings? Just me…?)

It’s those details of the structure, the creation, the inception and the inner workings that I find most intriguing. Where Scientology allows itself to wallow in the brand of silliness that only a “religion” could.

Did you know L. Ron Hubbard has an identical office with a name plate and a working phone on the desk and the same books in the same places on identical shelves in each of Scientology’s major centers?

I learnt that one uneventful summer afternoon when my then brother-in-law and I couldn’t get excited about a movie to see, so we instead spent almost two full days going through the screening process at the Toronto headquarters for the church of Scientology. We put on matching lost incredulous looks on our faces and were ushered into screening rooms to watch orientation and initiation films. We were sat in separate sound proof booths to take assorted personality tests that bore out graphs to tell us how psychologically frail and broken we were. Me more than him, as it turned out.

(If you wanted to hear a bit more about it, listen to archived podcast Ep. 3 – ‘A Gay-er Word For Charlatan”)

All told it was days worth of free entertainment and intrigue about how paying into the pyramid might unburden my consciousness.

Sadly my E-meter readings suggested I was pretty well F’d.

F is for fortunate that I didn’t shell out for the full set of Dianetics books…. also, for the fine print wherein you read that there’s no refunds for that shit. You’re responsible for finding your own volcano to toss them into.

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