Harmontown Is A Podcast.

by Tynan on August 8, 2012

At the 53:40 mark of the 4th Episode of the Harmontown Podcast, entitled ”The Technology Of N-Words”, is evidence that podcasting is the inevitable evolution of the medium;  it wants to be simultaneously high-minded and super vulgar, engaging, thought provoking, profane and a bunch more things all at once. It wants to because we want it to be those things sometimes.

I don’t really know what’s holding it back except maybe that ‘podcasting’ is a trivial silly name for something with such potential but… fuck, it’s just a word and people can get used to it.

(I also like that all of it stems from a few audience questions about the singularity, sci-fi technology, hard-wired mythology and the human instinct to create and fuck stuff.)

So, I might not have Community as I knew it any longer but, you also managed to force another one to the fringes wherein they discover the perfect conditions (force being one of ‘em) to create bright flashes of brilliant newness. Nice fuckin’ job TV!

(And no, listening to this will not put you on some sort of marijuana watch list. Fair question but a little paranoid.)

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