Leggo My Truck-o

by Tynan on September 1, 2012

(Quick sidenote: Is it bad form to post something you fear may be plucked off its free online posting? Should I know new media etiquette already?)

Anyway, Hands On A Hardbody is a super compelling documentary; basically, it’s about a bunch of crazy folks competing in a hot Texas parking lot to keep their hands on the titular hardbody Nissan truck and thereby win and keep it, for free and forever and ever.

Sign up sheet might well have said;

“Come put to the test, claims that you’re “the best” at defecating on yourself, wearing cardboard food containers on your head and generally shrugging off all aspects of your humanity and dignity in service of getting free stuff! Valid driver’s licence, please.”

And lucky day, it too is free to all with the will to hang in and watch it.

(Stick it out and you may be rewarded with a self-congratulatory sense of superiority.)

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