jesse brown

What’s A Twitter Follower Get You?

January 25, 2012

Noah Kravitz is getting sued by his former employer for taking his twitter followers with him to his new gig. The case is going to set a precedent for What a Twitter Follower Is Worth? I was particularly fascinated since I just had a “friend” offered an incentive based contract where pay would increase the more [...]

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Ep. 2 – “No Country For Gorilla P@$*#”

July 8, 2011

Working Title;  ”How ya like me now?” Canadian Radio Icon Alan Cross (host of long-running Ongoing History of New Music, creator/proprietor of ExploreMusic) wasn’t s’posed to get me a job. (We met years back and he was, in fact, super giving of his time and guidance with a show concept I was putting together) But it was pretty clear [...]

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